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What am I seeing in the Economic Overview?

Published on: 13 April 2018
The economic overview consists of two charts that will give you information about the age/remaining lifetime of your equipment and what the current value (Actual Cash Value) is per equipment item, and when you can “expect” to have to buy replacement equipment. When the device is in portrait mode, you will see a pie diagram showing the equipment’s age in red and remaining lifetime in green. The Actual Cash Value is calculated based on the purchase price you have set on the equipment and the rules for deduction defined in the Financial Overview settings. In landscape mode, the bar chart shows what year a replace equipment will be needed (based on the lifetime settings), and this is also summarized on the last row for all your equipment. The purpose of the chart is to give you an idea of the size of investments in the years to come, to keep your home in shape. The replacement value also takes the inflation rate into consideration, and you can define this in the settings. The Financial Overview settings allow you to, per equipment type, define the parameters that control the charts. By default, these parameters are set to Swedish insurance standards, with the expected lifetime and deduction rules the insurance companies in Sweden normally apply. You should of course change these settings to match your insurance policy. There is also a switch called “Used in Economic Overview” that controls whether the equipment type is included in the charts, or not.

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