• How do I change my background image?

    In April 2018 By MaintAid
    Go to Settings – My Houses. Open a house and click Edit. You can now select a nice image from your albums or take a new one with your camera.
  • Why are there only X actions scheduled in my todo list?

    In April 2018 By MaintAid
    At any given time, there are only a certain amount of action occurences scheduled (the amount of occurences within one year, maximum 10). The schedule constantly updates, so your todo list will always be accurate.
  • What am I seeing in the Economic Overview?

    In April 2018 By MaintAid
    The economic overview consists of two charts that will give you information about the age/remaining lifetime of your equipment and what the current value (Actual Cash Value) is per equipment item, and when you can “expect” to have to buy replacement equipment. When the device is in portrait mode, you will see a pie diagram […]

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